The Social Network~*

The place where Brian & Danielle scrobble their music.

Brian: Formerly known as AFatalCure

Now known as: Cloak-Dagger

Danielle: Formerly known as weownthesun

Now known as: sjalvlysande


  • brian and danielle gave up on their old accounts to be together on their new ones
  • danielle used to lurk brian because she was sooooo into him (even when he was a subscriber)
  • Brian AKA Afatalcure was really popular on and was known for shouting bands and scrobbling weird shit
  • According to Brian is really a 19 year old girl from France named Claire and Danielle is a girl from Sweden
  • The sweetest thing Danielle did on was make a puzzle of 5 bands she likes with shouts that led to the eventual message "i love this and love the guy who plays it." Brian was truly flattered by this

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